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The Health Collaborator

The Health Collaborator is here to empower you and work with you to achieve your desired quality of life. You can have the life you want, and we can help you get it. Life is complicated with a lot of moving parts, and we want to make it easier for you to live well while we do the hard work that you shouldn't be expected to do. We'll do the research, translate medical jargon, advocate for you in communications with your healthcare team, work with you to design exercise, Physical Therapy rehab, and eating programs, or use whatever part of our expertise you think might help make your life a little healthier, happier, and manageable. You're not in this alone.

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“Free peace of mind”

Let's get to know each other and find out if we're a good match to work together on achieving your health goals.

“In a sea of advice and methods, find YOUR unique path to health”

We're all about fitness that makes you feel good. And you already look great, but if you want to work some aesthetic angles along with the functional, we'll make sure you can get there safely and in a healthy way too.

“Take control of your symptoms & get back to doing what you want and need to do”

PT is about recovering your ability. Sometimes that means increasing range of motion, sometimes it means relieving pain, and sometimes it means just finding a new way of doing the thing you're trying to do.

“When the world is spinning, together we can stop it”

Do you sometimes get so dizzy that you can't open the shades or get out of bed? Maybe you've fallen a few times because of it. Let's see if we can fix that.

“Together, we can make the world see your favorite version of yourself”

Life after a brain injury or years of playing contact sports can feel lonely. What you're feeling is real and can be addressed.

“What's forgotten is not lost. A fresh take makes for a brighter future”

Were you recently diagnosed with dementia? Was one of your parents? Trying to avoid nursing home placement? You're not in this alone and you're doing the right things. We're here to make the process more manageable and the transitions as smooth as possible.

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We're Excited To Hear From You!

Ready to take control of your health? Want to know more about what we treat in Physical Therapy programs? Interested in decreasing the burden of dementia care on your family? 


Call us at 508-258-9274 to schedule an appointment or use the contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Your privacy is a priority. You'll only receive communications from us about your inquiry here, unless you choose to subscribe to our email list. 

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Thanks for your interest! A qualified healthcare professional will be reaching out to you soon!

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