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Your Questions Answered

What types of health insurance do you accept?

We do not contract with Medicare and can't provide "covered" services to Medicare beneficiaries

We do not contract with health insurance providers and can not accept insurance cards as a form of payment for our services. To learn more about payment options and filing your own insurance claims for out-of-network provider services, visit our blog.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No you do not. Most of our services are not covered by health insurance. Those services which are covered, such as Physical Therapy, do not require a separate referral because our Staff Physical Therapists are in fact Doctors! In all 50 states, Physical Therapy is what is called a "Direct Access" service. This means that you as the healthcare consumer/client/patient have the right and responsibility to choose your own Therapist. You can set up an evaluation and treatment plan without requiring any paperwork from any other healthcare providers. That being said, we strive for collaborative efforts, teamwork, and communication, and will likely want to communicate with relevant healthcare professionals who you work with. Further, if you should choose to submit a claim to your insurance company, you may be required to receive a note of medical necessity from your Primary Care Physician

What is your new patient/client procedure?

We start every new relationship with a Fit Interview. We acknowledge that everyone is unique and benefits most from health and wellness services when they just "click" with their provider. While we hope that we can be the one to work with you, we find it only fair not to charge you money before we've mutually decided that that's the case. So, our Fit Interviews are a free, no commitment introduction of you to us and us to you. If it clicks, then we can decide how best to move forward based on your unique health and wellness needs, budget, time availability, and goals.

Do you work with Medicare beneficiaries or people over 65 years old?

-No, not for "covered services". That means, if Medicare covers it, we can't provide it for you. This includes formal Physical Therapy based on a diagnosis from a physician.

-Yes, we can create and administer fitness, wellness, maintenance, and preventive programs with you.

-Yes, we can help you with all the other non-medical things, like interior design and home modifications for dementia, advocacy, living situation transitions, etc.

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