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Leg Extension

"I have been a client of Matt's for over 5 yrs. I was living with chronic back pain and had tried just about everything short of surgery. Training with Matt has truly changed my life! His approach to training is unlike anything I have tried before. I continue to be impressed by his wealth of knowledge. What I love about Matt is how he educates me on why we are doing each exercise, what it's purpose is and what muscle/joints it is working! It is fascinating! Matt is professional, caring and 100% committed to the overall health and wellness of his clients. I have been training with Matt virtually for months now and can honestly say that I receive the same care and attention to detail as when we trained in person."

— JB

"I have been experiencing back pain for almost a decade. Countless trips to the chiropractor and other doctors treatments didn’t work, but just 3 weeks into a Dr. Fothergill's performance coaching program my back is feeling better than ever. I’m well on my way to my goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro."

— VC

Cliff Hiking
Friends on a Bench

"Matt worked for our family for over a year. He took on a very challenging situation and produced very positive results. My father in law's health and physical state are so much better because of this guy! Thank you Dr. Fothergill!"

— SS

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