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Yoga Session

Yoga for Dizziness Relief

A 6 week program to strengthen balance systems and support the relief of dizziness, vertigo, and related symptoms.

Hosted by Instrumental Yoga, this program will take place each Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday, beginning May 22nd, 2021

Reserve your spot below and receive specific updates in the coming weeks.


This 6 week program is designed to help manage dizziness and related symptoms(i.e. vertigo, lightheadedness, loss of balance, unsteadiness, nausea, diplopia,etc.), increase safety, decrease fall risk, decrease risk and severity of recurring episodes of dizziness, and improve quality and sustainability of outcomes of medically prescribed treatment strategies. This will be done through vestibular and neurological rehabilitation exercises focused on habituation, adaptation, substitution, and development of compensatory strategies in the context of Yoga and as guided by evaluating/treating physician and physical therapist.

Check out the creator and teacher of "Yoga for Dizziness Relief," Dr. Matt Fothergill, PT, DPT, talking about dizziness and communication as a featured guest on the Post Concussion Inc. Podcast!

Episode 15_ Matthew FothergillPost Concussion Inc. Podcast
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